Which goods can be claimed?

Only goods purchased on the seller's e-commerce website or directly from the seller that have defects caused by the manufacturer, supplier or seller and are covered by the warranty can be claimed.

Obligations of the buyer:

The buyer is obliged to inspect all delivered goods and to check the quality and functionality of the delivered goods, including the completeness of the delivery, as soon as possible after delivery and acceptance. If he fails to do so, he can only claim the defects found during this inspection if he proves that the goods were already defective at the time of acceptance. If the goods are damaged during transport, the buyer must submit a damage report signed by the carrier. Otherwise, the claim cannot be recognised.

Warranty services and warranty processing

If the goods are defective, the buyer has the right to file a complaint online.

In the event of a complaint, please send an email to info@parkoff.eu with the following content:

  1. Description of the defect
  2. Invoice
  3. Photo of the nameplate
  4. A photo or video showing the defect

The complaint procedure begins on the day on which the buyer sends all necessary documents and information by e-mail to the above e-mail address.

The seller confirms acceptance of the complaint to the buyer by e-mail. This must state the defects in the goods and the date on which the complaint procedure was initiated.

In the event of a warranty claim, MOTION TRADE s.r.o. shall provide the following services at its own discretion:

  • Free delivery of spare parts for self-installation: MOTION TRADE delivers the spare parts free of charge and covers the transport costs for self-installation by the customer. The customer carries out the installation at their own expense, or
  • Free warranty repair by MOTION TRADE: MOTION TRADE carries out the repair itself or has it carried out by a third party authorised by MOTION TRADE at MOTION TRADE's expense. In this case, the customer must return the goods to MOTION TRADE at the warehouse address given below or to another repair centre designated by MOTION TRADE. The customer shall bear the costs of transport at his own expense, unless MOTION TRADE has expressly agreed in writing to bear the transport costs.

Store address:

DSV Solutions s.r.o. / MOTION TRADE s.r.o.
Prumyslova 484
CZ-252 61 Jenec
Czech Republic

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 16:00

If there is a defect that cannot be remedied or a single repeated remediable defect or a number of different remediable defects that prevent the goods from being used properly as if they were free of defects, the seller shall handle the complaint as follows:

  • by replacing the goods with other, functional goods with the same or better technical characteristics;
  • if the seller is unable to replace the goods with other goods, the seller shall settle the complaint by issuing a credit note for the defective goods;

For the purposes of the claim, the occurrence of a single recurring defect more than twice shall be deemed a recurring remediable defect.

For the purposes of the claim, the simultaneous occurrence of more than three different remediable defects shall be deemed to be multiple remediable defects.

The seller reserves the right to replace the defective goods with similar goods with comparable technical parameters.

The buyer will be informed of the outcome of the complaint by telephone or e-mail.

When the warranty cannot be invoked

The buyer is not entitled to a warranty for defects that were brought to the seller's attention when the contract was concluded or that the seller should have been aware of in view of the circumstances under which the contract was concluded.

The buyer's right to invoke the seller's warranty shall lapse:

  • if he has not presented the proof of payment, the delivery note or the warranty certificate, the accessories or the goods documentation;
  • if he has not reported obvious damage when accepting the goods;
  • due to mechanical damage to the goods caused by the buyer;
  • improper handling, maintenance or neglect of the goods;
  • damage to the goods caused by excessive use or use contrary to the conditions specified in the documents, general principles, technical standards or insurance regulations in force in Germany;
  • damage to the goods caused by unavoidable or unforeseeable events;
  • inappropriate tampering, water damage, fire, static or atmospheric electricity or other force majeure;
  • unauthorised tampering or modifications to the goods and tampering by unauthorised persons;

Time limit for handling complaints

The seller is obliged to resolve the complaint within 30 days of initiating the complaint procedure.

Guarantee period

24 months for private individuals
12 months for commercial buyers

Warranty for batteries:

The warranty only covers proven manufacturing defects. If the defect does not become apparent within 1 year, it is not considered a manufacturing defect and proof of a manufacturing defect is required**.

The following points are not considered defects:

  • Normal wear and tear (reduced capacity, irreversible sulphation, etc.)
  • Defects caused by improper use, neglect or maintenance as described in the battery manual.

The warranty period begins on the day on which the buyer takes delivery of the goods.

This complaints procedure applies to all cases, unless other warranty and complaints conditions have been agreed in the purchase contract.

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