Parkoff Forklift Supplier

Introducing Parkoff - a leading manufacturer of electric forklifts. With our quality trucks, you will be able to handle your loads easily and efficiently and increase the productivity of your business. In addition to lifting equipment and other warehouse equipment, Parkoff specializes in hand-guided electric forklifts (HEVs) with both electric lift and travel, ideal for a wide range of industries.

Our electric forklifts are designed with reliability, performance and safety in mind. They will give you full control of your load handling and increase the efficiency of your employees. The use of electric drive allows the trucks to run quietly and be easy to operate, improving the working environment and minimising the negative impact on the health of operators.

Our range of manually operated electric stackers is wide and meets the needs of different types of warehousing and logistics operations. With the option of electric lift and travel, you will gain an advantage when handling heavy loads and make your job easier when moving and storing pallets and goods. Our trucks are equipped with high quality and powerful batteries that ensure long operating times and minimize the need for frequent charging.

Parkoff prides itself on its innovative technology that allows you to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency in your warehousing operation. Our trolleys are designed with ergonomics and ease of use in mind, so your employees can work with maximum comfort and minimise fatigue. Join the many satisfied customers who are already using our electric forklifts to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Invest in quality forklifts from Parkoff and increase the efficiency of your warehouse. Our trucks are powerful, reliable and bring you long-term value. Learn more about our wide range of manual electric stackers on our website: Let Parkoff solve your material handling needs and take your warehouse operation to the next level.